What we do

People development

JCL Consulting helps business leaders and organisations

Develop the competencies of their executives and leadership teams by:

  • Investigating needs and potentialities.
  • Training individuals and teams in order to further their capacities to meet current and future organisational demands.
  • Elaborating and/or facilitating management training programmes (in the fields of team management, communication, negotiation, time management, labour contract issues, etc).

JCL Consulting helps individuals

Determine and attain personal and/or professional and/or relationship objectives by:

  • Coaching them to se methods to set and achieve goals through implementation of personalized action plans.
  • Improving self-awareness using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) methodology, in which Jean-Claude Lecoyer is a certified practitioner.
  • Developing life skills (e.g. stress management, communication techniques).
  • Focussing on issues related to the desired work/leisure balance, as well as health, ageing and lifestyle.